Life Insurance

Spending your money to take a life insurance policy allows you secure your family’s financial interests in case of your absence.

It is understood that no amount of money can ever replace a person, but taking a right Life Insurance Plan can give you the peace of mind, because you know that your loved ones will never have to face financial insecurity even if you are not with them. For you and your family, purchasing a life insurance policy is amongst best investment decisions.

Reliance Super Money Back Plan

This plan helps you provide regular income and security for your family despite the ups and downs of life. The guaranteed monthly income increases every year while the guaranteed periodic lump sum enables you to invest in your business or fulfill your family’s goals. Moreover, the life insurance cover in this plan ensures your family continues to fulfill their goals in case of any unforeseen eventuality, even in your absence.

Reliance Life Guaranteed Money Back Plan

Reliance’s Guaranteed Money Back Plan not only helps you save for the future but also protects your savings in case of any unforeseen eventuality. All future insurance premiums are waived and your family continues to fulfill their dreams, even in your absence.

Reliance Life Long Savings Plan

We all work towards financial milestones like buying a house, securing our children’s education, going on a dream vacation and living comfortably after retirement. Most importantly, we want to ensure that our families get all these benefits during our lifetime and also, when we are not around.
Presenting, Reliance Lifelong Savings – a non- linked, participating endowment assurance plan with savings and whole life cover benefits that can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

Reliance Life Insurance Super Endowment Plan

Reliance’s Super Endowment Plan has been designed to ensure that you can save for your future along with the benefit of life insurance cover and provide protection to your family.

Reliance Increasing Income Insurance Plan

Get monthly income which increases every year to keep pace with your growing needs. Guaranteed.

Reliance Fixed Money Back Plan

A money back insurance plan that offers fixed periodic lump sums in the last five years of the policy term.

Reliance Smart Cash Plus Plan

Reliance Smart Cash Plus Plan helps you gift yourself guaranteed lump sums at periodic intervals in the future to fulfill your goals at every lifestage, while securing your family from any unforeseen eventuality. A perfect mix of long term savings with the benefit of liquidity.

Reliance Classic Plan II

Reliance Classic Plan II allows you to invest for the long term and protect this investment against uncertainties. It allows you to diversify your investment with choice of multiple funds that you can switch amongst to hedge against market risks. The plan also provides life insurance to ensure protection for your family.

Reliance Immediate Annuity Plan

Reliance Immediate Annuity helps you earn a regular income for your entire life. This is a Single Premium plan where you pay a lump sum premium amount, and opt for a suitable Annuity Option as per your requirements. Based on the opted Annuity Option and selected payout frequency, you start receiving regular annuity income.

Reliance Premier Wealth Insurance Plan

Reliance Premier Wealth Insurance Plan can be tailored to individual needs and keep up with the changing priorities over time. The plan allows you the flexibility to balance the protection and investment needs during its tenure, in an active or a systematic manner.

Double Easy Retirement Solution

Create a guaranteed retirement corpus by paying for a short period.


  • Doha Bank is a IRDAI registered corporate agent (Registration No.: CA0228) and has entered into an agreement with Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Company Limited (IRDAI Registration No. 121) for distribution of its life insurance products. For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions, the customers are advised to refer to detailed sales brochure of the insurance products before concluding sale.
  • Beware of spurious phone calls and fictitious/fraudulent offers. IRDAI clarifies to public that 1. IRDAI or its officials do not involve in activities like sale of any kind of insurance or financial products nor invest premiums. IRDAI does not announce any bonus. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint along with details of phone call, number.

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